Oleoturism - Aceites Oro Bailén

Discover the world of the Oliviculture and Elaiotechnics, through a unique experience, and indulge yourself in the passion of one of the most recognized olive oil in the world.

In the foothills of Sierra Morena in the province of Jaén, main production area of olive oil in the world, you can visit the best oil mill in Spain, awarded by AEMO in 2013, as well as the olive groves from which one of the finest olive oils in the world is obtained: ORO BAILÉN RESERVA

Daily Guided tour

From monday to saturday 10:00 hours 

Book in advance

By email or telephone. +34 953 548 038  +34 682182132 

Guided tour to the mill, where the extra virgin olive oil production process in explained, from the fruit reception, cleaning, beating and extraction, to the storage and bottling.

Guided Oro Bailén olive oil tasting session with its different varieties, where you will learn the basic principles of sensory analysis: olfactory, gustatory and retronasal.

Approximate duration: 60 - 90 minutes.


  • Guided tour around the olive farms
  • Typical mill breakfast
  • Lunch (different options)
  • Guided tour around Úbeda and Baeza; World Heritage Cities
  • "Full Oleoturism Weekend" Pack
  • Activities for children

Call and find out all the options on the phone +34 953 548 038 +34 682182132 or turismo@orobailen.com

The company reserves the right to terminate or to alter its schedule and days tours established.

The mill is 100% accessible and visitable.


- INDIVIDUALS (from Monday to Saturday)

Adults: 11€ / per person ( Min. 2 people)

Children from 6 to 12:  6€/ per children

- GROUPS (from Monday to Sunday)

(From 10 people)

Ask us for the prices.

- TOURS FOR CHILDREN ( from Monday to Friday)

Adapted program for children by age.

Ask us for the prices and coditions.